5 Ways to Enjoy Your Family Photographs in Your Home

Your family photographs are more than just images- they are cherished memories that deserve to be displayed and enjoyed in your home!  Displaying your photographs in the right way can bring a smile to your face when you see them and elevate your home decor- and even improve your children’s self esteem and bring a sense of belonging to their world. This article will show you my top 5 Ways to Enjoy Your Family Photographs in Your Home.

Whether you prefer the classic elegance of albums or the statement-making impact of large wall art, there are countless ways to showcase your family’s story. Here are five creative ideas to help you enjoy your family photographs to the fullest.


1. Albums

Albums offer a timeless and organized (and compact!) way to preserve and enjoy your family photographs. They are a great option if you don’t have a lot of wall space.  And is there anything better than curling up on the couch with your children to re-live memories with them?

TIP:  Keep your photo albums in a room you spend a lot of time in so it’s more likely you’ll look at them often. Or create a tradition with your family! On a birthday or other special occasion, spend time reminiscing as you flip through your photographs.


A home display of photo albums, and portrait boxes.
Matted Prints with Keepsake Boxes and albums look beautiful displayed in a cabinet, on a desktop or shelf.

2. Portrait Box

Portrait boxes (or Keepsake Boxes, as I like to call them) are a great alternative when you want more display options than an album provides, but are tight for space.  These boxes contain matted prints of your favourite images from a session and easily fit on a bookcase, shelf or desk.  The acrylic lid allows the top image to be on display, adding a personal touch to your home decor.

TIP: Portrait boxes allow you the flexibility to easily rotate images in frames or on an easel, so that you can display different photos depending on your mood, or season!


3. Large Statement Piece

A large framed photograph, or framed montage of images, can serve as a stunning focal point in any room. A statement piece on the wall instantly adds warmth and character to your space. Keep in mind that choosing the right size and placement is crucial to achieving the look you want.


TIP:  Find a professional photographer that can guide you to make the best choice for your walls art.  Using an actual photo of your wall, many photographers (like me!) can show you exactly what your wall art will look like… before you buy.

Large Family Portrait makes a statement in your room.
This large family portrait is a statement piece and focal point in the living room.

4. Wall Gallery or Collage

If you prefer a display of multiple smaller images in your space, consider creating a cohesive wall collage or gallery. Your display can be from one session, OR your gallery can grow right along with your family! Keep it cohesive with the same product (wood blocks, framed prints, canvas) or mix it up!  There are no rules.

TIP: I personally love 3M Command strips and hooks for hanging my wall collage- I change it and add to it often, so this prevents multiple nail holes in my wall, haha!

Wood block gallery for small areas in your home
Wall galleries can fill large spaces, or small nooks like this 4 piece wood block set.

5. Digital Frames

I’ll admit this is my least favourite display, mostly because I’m not a very tech-y person, and well, I feel we tend to look at screens far too much as it is!  But this could be a good option for you if you have a small place in a room that you want to light up with happy memories, are a student, travel often, or live in an RV.


TIP: Avoid this option if you’re not up to maintaining your frame with firmware, software and app updates.  You must also keep multiple, up-to-date backups of your photo collection, (see my sad story of losing digital images) as a digital frame is not a reliable way to store your digital images. 


Family photos, wedding portraits, images of your baby and children as they grow- print and display them all, and your walls will tell your family’s story.

These are my top 5 Ways to Enjoy Your Family Photographs in Your Home- but there are others!  No matter which options you like, the key is to find a way to display your family photographs that brings you the maximum amount of joy. Whether it’s flipping through an album, gazing at a large statement piece in your living room, or being greeted by a collage of your children’s smiles when you walk in the front door, finding the perfect place for the perfect display will enhance the beauty and warmth of your home.

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